About AQ Natural Care

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About AQ Natural Care

Good products with high quality and a price that is lower than usual for this quality level.

The first product in our line of natural, active and first class products are Glycolic Skin Renew. The product portfolio is expected to be expanded with more unique products by the same philosophy .

Our supplier and manufacturer have had the goal of developing products that should be superior to other commercial skin care products on the market and still be affordable. The products are based on natural and skin friendly ingredients and is free of perfumes. The supplier has had an enormous success in the U.S. over the past 5 years.

Give Glycolic Skin Renew Acne & Anti-Aging Lotion 4-6 weeks daily use 1-2 times a day along with sunscreen and experience the transformation of your skin that will speak for itself.

My philosophy

I need products that work that are simple to use, accessible when I shop and in a price range to allow myself and my family to buy the product, without this becomes a question of other needs. I need that the product is available where I shop every day. I have started AQ Natural Care and got the exclusive in Europe to these unique products. The product portfolio is expected to be expanded with more unique products in the same policy and philosofy. You can purchase AQ Natural Care products on this site and our dealers.

- Anette Qvistgaard Jensen, Owner


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