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I am a M.Sc. in Energy planning, have worked in mobile phone R&D divisions , in this context, I have travelled a lot and with problem skin I have been very aware of products that work. I've tried almost everything with and without prescription and have now concluded that glycolic acid is the best option for me since I have dry and sensitive skin as well. I used MD Formulations when I found this glycolic acid product in San Francisco and saw a product that was better and less expensive. Since I could not get it in Denmark, or in Europe. I contacted the manufacturer and have now the agency for these exclusive and great products in Europe with private label.

Good, high quality products and affordable prices is my philosophy.

I need products that work, have high quality and that are simple to use to fight my problem skin, dry, with pimples, scars and uneven skin tone. I know the products must be available where I shop.
The product portfolio is expected to be expanded with more unique products. The 1st product is the unique glycolic lotion which can stand alone and soon the fantastic sulphate free cleanser and great oil free moisturizer with botanicals, vitamins C&E and SPF 30 UVA/UVB are coming. Our supplier and manufacturer have had the goal of developing products that are superior to other commercial skin care products on the market and still affordable. The products are based on organic, natural and skin friendly ingredients and are free of perfumes. The supplier has an enormous success in the U.S. over the past 5 years.
Glycolic Skin Renew Acne & Anti-Aging Lotion is considered the most effective Glycolic acid that can be obtained over the counter in USA today. It is expected to becoming certified organic in 2011


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